This website aims at helping researchers to analyze MAWI traffic traces. It provides several views, such as scatter plot and time series, of each traffic trace. These views allow one to understand quickly the characteristics of MAWI files, and pick up interesting traffic traces to study.

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Samplepoint-B and Samplepoint-F

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More details about the figures:

For each traffic trace eight views are available, four scatter plots and four time series. All of them are temporal-based pictures with a different traffic feature on the y-axis. All these figures have been computed with mulot.

The figures displayed in the monthly and daily view are obtained with the following parametres:
mulot -b 16 -B 16 -X 720 -Y 400 -t 900

Whereas the detailed views are obtained from the following command:
mulot -b 16 -B 16 -X 1800 -Y 1024 -t 900

Meaning that figures represents 900 seconds (15 minutes) of traffic, also, a CIDR of 16 is used to display source and destination IP addresses. In the former case, the resolution of figures is 720*400 pixels, and 1800*1024 in latter one.